Hesitant Beginnings

So Hey! I’ve started this little blog as a way of keeping track of various things I like to do/wear/buy/make/etc. However, I also have a Pinterest account (which I am obsessed with btdubbs) and now I can’t really decide which is more useful!

When I put things on here, I really think about them, and learn about them before I do, whereas on Pinterest, it’s almost speed – sharing; I simply scroll down and anything that looks pretty or useful or fun, I pin!

Then again, blogging takes so much more effort than Pinterest does. ):

Defense for blogging? It is so much more.. anonymous. I like it. :] Pinterest is always connected with facebook and twittter and the like, so blogging just makes me feel like I am much more free to say what I truthfully think.

Conclusion: I’m just going to stick with both for now, and see how it rolls hahaha.

A whole bunch of debate and I just end up pushing Decision Day back! Procrastination at it’s finest..


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