Alabaster Skin?

Contrary to the average American girl’s desire for glowing tan skin, I have been obsessed with obtaining that fair skinned look.

I’m not saying tan skin is bad or anything, it’s just not for me; I’m not exactly a sporty person, and, though I love the narcisstic pastime of taking pictures with nature, under the sun, on the beach etc. , I just think I would look better with fairer skin.

After playing tennis for a couple years in middle school, my skin never recovered from the ridiculously dark tan I got, and now that I’m older, I have realized how beautiful pale skin is.

So, I did some research on the web and found some great tips for making skin paler! (:

Here are the top 5 that seem most useful.

I will try to update after a few weeks about how effective each are!

The first is to use sunscreen ALL THE TIME. Except maybe at night..
But any other time, even if you’re just sitting at home… apply some sunscreen!
I live in Texas, so the sun here ridiculously hot and skin damaging. But I would recommend about a spf 30 for anybody anywhere. If you plan on only staying inside, you can probably use a lower spf (around 15?) to block the sun rays streaming through your windows.

Next tip is to drink lots and lots of water! Water is very very very good for your body. It cleanses and removes toxins, and helps rejuvenate and refresh skin! Drink 8 glasses a day for healthy and pretty skin.

By the way… I dont condone the use of plastic water bottles! I mean, sure, if you’re out somewhere and you’ve forgotten to bring a water bottle and you are dying of thirst.. buy one. But keeping 24 packs of Ozarka in your home is both a waste of money and a horrible threat to the environment. Instead, why dont you invest in a more long lasting bottle that wont end up with a thousand of its brethren in some landfill? (:

Milk! Any kind is fine, though I prefer to use organic 2%. It tastes better to me… but I dont know how well it’ll work for lightening skin! Basically, you can either apply milk directly onto your face with a cotton ball, or mix it with flour to create a face mask. Leave the mask on for about 15 minutes, or until it is dry, then towel off with a warm washcloth. Alternately, you can pour half a gallon into a warm water bath and soak!

Lemonss <3 You can squeeze the juice out and mix it with a little water to create a nice little wash for your face. Just dip a cottonball in and swab across your face. Or, you can cut into thin slices or wedges and use it to scrub directly onto your face. Watch out though! If you have very sensitive skin, the harsh lemon can irritate it! Either dilute it with water or just avoid it altogether.

Finally, if these tips don’t work or you are under some time constraints, dress in dark colors!
Black nail polish, dark hair, dark clothing, dark tights.. not only will these things slim you down, you will automatically look paler in contrast!

I hope this helped some of you guys learn how to achieve the fair skinned look! I’m going to try some of these out and hopefully get back to you on how well they work (:

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